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I'm on a journey home desiring to take as many people as possible with me.


Fellow Travellers:
my wife, whose love and faith and courage keeps me on the journey;
my children and grandchildren: Kevan, Stacey, Melanie, Katie, Kevan, Sarah, Will, William, Kevan, Ben, Amy, Daren, Dawson, Noah, Mitch, Kim, Skyler, Sierra, Jason, Ricky, and Tim;
my home church family: a courageous, loving, Spirit-filled family whom I am devoted to.

grow up alone in a family of eight,
lose myself in drugs, hippy, woodstock,
turn 19, find Christ, start a family,
institutional church, bible college, elder,
try hard to be a good christian, reach the poor,
associate pastor, time to get honest,
heal the past and hurts, pastor, try harder,
build a church, used by God, become
self-important, crash and burn, time-out,
stripped, empty, start over, let go,
love God, simple church, home church,
relationships, let go of control, release others,
shepherd others, coach others, give it away,
Kingdom motives, God-worship,
pursue Him, pursue Him, pursue Him.


cpms and justice for the poor in needy parts of the world, brennan manning, simple churches, contemplative, skiing, walking on the beach, grandchildren, glory of God demonstrated among all people groups, authentic community