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March 23, 2009


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Thank you for this. My wife and I seeking the Lord on where He wants us. He is saying keep praying and serve Me where you are. I then answer back and say, but Lord we are right now in a regular Americanized church. He says, "did you think I didn't know that?"

The beautiful part f what you wrote is that with the right heart, these keys apply to anyone wanting to grow and help others grow to reach the unreached.


Your points on discipleship are great but you spoil it by going on about the need to plant churches! There is never a command to start churches, only make disciples...

Lovely and succint!

In response to Justin - we are called to gather together to encourage one another and build each other up as well as admonish one another. In addition, we ARE the church and do not GO to church but go to a more formal gathering we call worship. Our lives are worship or rather, should be.

I will be posting this on my blog handtotheplough.com.au with a link back here! Great stuff.

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